Build your dream home in Spain. Byg din drømme bolig i Sydspanien, vi samarbejder med A-CERO

Ny trend, vi finder din byggegrund og bestiller din moderne drømme bolig

Bla. Fodboldspiller Ronaldo fra Real Madrid har købt sin bolig igennem A-CERO

Priser pr. m2. ca. 10.000 DKK

We build your dream home with Iwall or Icon production.

We can have your villa ready in 6 months. 

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Key ready villas from 130.000 € + the plot. Typical price for are plots is from 67.000 € 

 Discover how to make the house of your dreams.

Housing with and innovative system to construct dethatched houses where you can build your own prefabricated home to your measure in just a few months at top performance and a very affordable price.


Living in a prefabricated house has no comparison to living in a flat or a dethatched house.Building your own prefabricated house means that you are the promoter,you buy the land and you do your own constructions.The margin is for you and at a fixed price.

The prefabricated concrete is also the construction of the future, modular, resistant, fast, safe and durable.With a prefabricated house the quality of your life improves and the delivery time is shorter.

The prefabricated structures that suit your needs, such as your economic resources and your life style.In Hormpresa we organize contests with the best architects to develop the best models of prefabricated houses.We are in the vanguard of technique and design.Thanks to our extensive experience we will provide you with an innovative project in the least possible time.
In just a few months we will give you your prefabricated house,in record timing compared to any other promotion on the market.This is why we are the leaders in Spain in the field of prefabricated structures.

 What steps should I follow?

Constructing your prefabricated house is easier than you could ever have imagined because at Hormipresa we take charge in all the steps. All you need to do is get in contact with our experts and they will quickly analyse your project. We conduct a study on the land. We look for a technical and architectural solution that best suits your needs.Once we have reached an agreement, we help you to manage the permissions for building on the land. We do a preliminary on your prefabricated house adjusted to your needs. Once the final project is agreed on both sides, we start to build your house and in a few months you will have the keys in your hand

Retamar og mægler Villy B Nielsen fra TV 4

You can have your dream villa with 3 bedrooms, 3 badrooms, sea views ready in 6 months and for lees that 250.000

 The commitment and the guarantee of the leader

We have 40 years of experience in which we have consolidated that we are leaders in the construction of prefabricated cement. We continue to innovate looking for optimum solutions in the application of the industrialised cement on our constructions. We have the most modern facilities in this sector. We provide solutions to make any project real: prefabricated houses, industrial buildings, schools and a large number of single buildings.We offer budgets and a set delivery date and comply with maximum rigor.

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